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Super Bowl tickets 2013: Moderately priced options are potentially on the horizon

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and Super Bowl ticket prices remain lower than last season. This year's game is currently 29.64% lower than the Super Bowl last season on this date. If you are still scrambling for Super Bowl tickets, the current "get-in" price is down to $1,317. For that price, you can get seats in a variety of sections across the south end zone. They are not fantastic seats, but they get you in the door to watch the 49ers take their shot at Lombardi No. 6.

TiqIQ's current average price sits at $2,802. If you're in that range, you could get a a little further around past the end zone in the upper deck, or you could get a corner seat in the lower level. They are not phenomenal tickets, but when you are talking about the Super Bowl, just getting in the door can be pretty sweet.

We'll keep an eye on ticket prices in the coming days as many expect them to continue downward before the weekend hits.

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