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Super Bowl odds 2013: Are 49ers looking at a close game?

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We take a look at reports that a lot of money is coming in on the money line for the 49ers.

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Earlier this week I submitted some thoughts to on why I thought the 49ers would be able to cover the 3 1/2 point spread against the Ravens in Super Bowl 47. I focused in on Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers pass defense getting two weeks to prepare and strong performances from Jim Harbaugh's squad after bye weeks. I think the extra preparation is a big key as this team prepares for Super Bowl 47.

What has been interesting however are some reports that a lot of "sharp" money is coming in on the 49ers money line. A sharp is somebody who knows a thing or two about sports gambling. This does not make this some kind of lock, but I find this kind of thing quite fascinating. More money is coming in on the 49ers now that the line has dropped down to 49ers -3.5.

Should we be expecting a close game at this point? Parts of me think the 49ers can overmatch the Ravens and take this one, but parts of me also know that the Ravens have not exactly been a team to roll over in recent weeks. Part of the reason money is coming in on them is their strong play in the playoffs.

The question now is whether the Ravens can continue that. Sports bettors seem to think they can at least keep this relatively close. The money has evened out at this point, but who knows what Sunday will bring.

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