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Golden Nuggets: Meet the Harbaughs; Stopping Joe Flacco

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Thursday, January 31, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Rob Carr

Once again, there are a ton of links. I'm going to have to dive right into it with little chitchat or fanfare. I'll separate them into categories so you can try to manage your link reading.


One for the top of the page, and I'm sure it'll get some of you riled up.

How Joe Flacco's big arm can exploit 49ers' secondary (Grantland)

49ers O-Line wins Madden MVP award (

Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers vs Ravens

Terrell Suggs believes the Ravens are battle tested (Brady)

A closer look at Super Bowl referees (Sando)

Double coverage: Special considerations (Sando)

Wednesday injury report (CBS)

49ers and Ravens among highest spenders in NFL, according to study (CBS)

Ed Dickson: 'We've seen a lot of things on tape that we can exploit' (Maiocco)

Random Super Bowl week facts (CSN)

Ray Lewis loved and hated (Poole)

49ers face quest to stop Joe Flacco and Ravens' deep passing game (Mercury News)

Top 11 quotes (plus bonus picks) from Wednesday's media steam room (Inman)

Nate Silver: 49ers will win Super Bowl (SF Gate)

Chicken, beer and commercials: Super Bowl XLVII by the numbers (NBC)

Super Bowl players play through pain (Mercury News)

49ers begin Super Bowl XLVII practice (

49ers-Ravens key matchup No. 5: Patrick Willis vs Vonta Leach (Maiocco)

49ers' strengths to keep an eye on during Super Bowl XLVII (

Ravens, 49ers power their ways to the Super Bowl (ESPN)

Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith only players limited by injury on first practice (Inman)

10 reasons why 49ers will win Super Bowl (SF Gate)

Pool report: Wind, rain send 49ers indoors; OLBs limited (Barrows)

49ers pool report: Intensely focused practice (CSN)

If the game is close, who has the edge? (Pro Football Talk)

Ravens out to stop 49ers read-option offense (Mercury News)

Postcards from Super Bowl in New Orleans (SF Gate)

Quotable 49ers (SF Gate)

Super Bowl matchup: Vernon Davis vs Ravens' back seven (Pro Football Weekly)

Colin Kaepernick News

Jack Harbaugh: Jim thought Colin Kaepernick the best in 2011 (CBS)

Anatomy of 49ers quarterback switch (Maiocco)

Ravens will hit Kaepernick if they can (SF Gate)

Randy Moss News

Randy Moss reiterates his statement on being the greatest receiver (Gin)

Moss: No shouting match with Jerry Rice (Sando)

Bringing advanced stats to Rice-Moss talk (Sando)

Randy Moss: 49ers now 'Kaep's team' (

Moss still racing after that elusive ring (Press Democrat)

Harbaugh News

Jim Harbaugh says Greg Roman's offense is 'revolutionary' (Gin)

Harbaugh likes 49ers' vibe before first practice (Inman)

Harbaugh's parents discuss family's 49ers-Ravens connections (Inman)

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh transcript (

Can't get enough of the Harbaughs (Purdy)

Harbaugh clan has been a force in football (Mercury News)

Justin Smith News

Justin Smith is better at playing hurt than he is at speaking Spanish (BASG)

Justin Smith needs surgery soon but won't retire (Pro Football Talk)

Alex Smith News

Alex Smith says he 'loved' playing under Norv Turner (CBS)

Alex Smith on his 49ers / leave-49ers future: "I love this team, I love being a part of it...but I want to play football" (Kawakami)

49ers will reportedly release Alex Smith, if they can't trade him (SF Gate)

49ers should trade Alex Smith to team of his choice (Kawakami)

Jim Harbaugh: Alex Smith is a starting quarterback (

49ers have three options with Alex Smith (SF Gate)

Michael Crabtree News

Michael Crabtree talks about fines for getting tackled and giving Jordans to teammates (contest post) (BASG)

Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis in sync with Colin Kaepernick (CBS)

Michael Crabtree explains Alex Smith still 'my dude' (

Patrick Willis News

How Patrick Willis' pain became 49ers' gain (SF Gate)

Patrick Willis cherishes SB experience (

Chris Culliver Mess

Video: Should the 49ers fire Chris Culliver over anti-gay remarks? (Gin)

Chris Culliver apologizes for anti-gay remarks (BASG)

49ers reject the comments made by Chris Culliver (Pro Football Talk)

Chris Culliver's intolerance is glaring amid game hype (Poole)

Now Culliver will get the attention he craves (Kawakami)

Culliver issues apologetic statement (Inman)

Super Bowl tweets of the day - Chris Culliver edition (SF Gate)

What other 49ers say about having a gay teammate (SF Gate)

Kwame Harris: Chris Culliver is spreading hate (NBC)

Ahmad Brooks News

Ahmad Brooks has grade 1 shoulder sprain (Pro Football Talk)

Ahmad Brooks overcomes injuries, setbacks in Super Bowl journey (CBS)

Vic Fangio News

Fangio family rooting for 49ers from afar - specifically Baltimore (Barrows)

Fangio has chance to become next hot coaching name (Ratto)

Assorted News

Rating the 49ers' most athletic players (Sando)

49ers QBs can thank OL and vice versa (Sando)

49ers looking forward to getting on practice field (CBS)

49ers loaded with ridiculous number of high draft picks (CBS)

Mike Singletary's impact on SB XLVII and his desire to coach again (CBS)

York says Niners hope to keep Kaepernick and Smith (Pro Football Talk)

Kyle Williams "shocked" NFL didn't investigate Giants targeting him (Pro Football Talk)

Dashon Goldson expects to resign with 49ers (Inman)

Coach's notebook: Jan 30 (

49ers back former teammate Kwame Harris (Mercury News)

Superstitious fans bring good karma to 49ers (Mercury News)

The offbeat habits of athletes (Mercury News)

Desire to share Super Bowl feeling drives Jonathan Goodwin (CSN)

Take our 49ers' Super Bowl quiz (Mercury News)

Super Bowl 49er fans, then and now (SF Gate)

49ers know the importance of special teams (Mercury News)

Harbaugh, Kaepernick credit the 49ers' offensive line (Pro Football Talk)

49ers' offensive line has brawn, nasty attitude (Press Democrat)

Donte Whitner: 50% of NFL players don't tackle properly (USA Today)

David Akers' misses have kicker, 49ers confounded (USA Today)

Frank Gore: True leadership and the media hype machine (Gin)

Aldon Smith's quest to end sacks drought (Sando)


Justin Smith very much rated (Sando)

Harbaugh: 'The Facebooking and the Tweeter' seem 'unneccesary' (SF Gate)

Fangio leads 49ers defense (

VIDEO: Bay Area News Group discussion of the 49ers (Mercury News)

Flashback: Ray Lewis drops Jim Harbaugh for first career sack (CSN)

49ers at the Super Bowl: Wednesday in pictures (SF Gate)

49ers benefit from Moss' experience (

Matt & Mindi: Ignoring the hype (CSN)

Tilt shift: Super Bowl media day (

Press pass: Greg Roman (

Press pass: Randy Moss (

Press pass: Jim Harbaugh (

Press pass: Vernon Davis (

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

Whew. What a ton of links. Like I said, I've tried my best to organize them. Throw some more in the comments if you like. These links are making my head spin!

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