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49ers vs. Packers Odds: San Francisco opens as three point favorite

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We break down the opening line for the 49ers-Packers divisional round matchup at Candlestick Park.

As the 49ers and Packers get ready for their Divisional Round matchup at Candlestick Park, we have some opening numbers from the odds makers. The 49ers have opened up as three point favorites off shore and at the Las Vegas Hilton and Station casinos.

The line is very likely to move, as I would imagine money will come in fairly quickly on the Packers. The home team gets 2.5 to 3 points just for being at home. I have a hunch people will be viewing the Packers in a more favorable light. I don't think it will be enough to move the Packers into favored status, but it will be coming down at least a point or two.

Naturally I will take the 49ers to cover this one, because I do think they can win, and of course, I am a homer. It's going to be a tough one at Candlestick on Saturday. The Packers did not overly impress against the Vikings, but they really didn't need to show a whole lot. Personally, I wouldn't take a lot from the Packers performance one way or the other. They are an incredibly dangerous team, and they have Aaron Rodgers. Everything else builds from there.