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Golden Nuggets: Bring on the Packers

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Sunday, January 6, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


We now know who we have to play next weekend. The Green Bay Packers defeated a depleted Minnesota Vikings team 24-10 at Lambeau Field. Vikings QB Christian Ponder was unable to play and backup Joe Webb took over under center, leaving the team completely one dimensional. The Packers did what they had to do, setting up a rematch of our Week 1 battle, this one to be held in San Francisco. The Houston Texans also had a more difficult game than necessary against the Cincinnati Bengals on the other side of the draw, setting up a Divisional Round matchup at New England.

Green Bay at San Francisco is a marquee matchup for the league, and the Divisional Round as a whole is the most exciting weekend in football. The Packers are playing better than they were at the start of the season, when we faced them. We've been up and down, but I think we have the advantage, assuming Justin Smith is able to play to some semblance of his usual level. The difference between playing the Packers at home in January and playing them in Green Bay is practically incalculable. Thank you replacement refs. Thank you.

Much will be written this week on the topic. I'll let the experts get to it, as I'm running behind.

Divisional Round: Packers at 49ers

Mike Sando takes a quick look at the Packers at 49ers. He notes that the Packers have faced only two read-option plays all season, the lowest in the league. Their inexperience could benefit the 49ers, though it should be noted that Joe Webb ran it against them yesterday. Both teams have troubled kicking games. | Quick take: Packers at 49ers (Sando)

49ers will host the Packers for NFC Divisional Round (Gin)

49ers' Week 1 win over Packers won't mean much next Saturday (BASG)

49ers-Packers in a Week 1 rematch (Maiocco)

Packers tuned up for trip to the stick (SF Gate)

Packers win to set up rematch with 49ers (Branch)

Battle of the bays II: 49ers different this go around (Barrows)

Packers advance to face 49ers for sixth time since 1995 (Inman)

Playoff News

January madness: Our NFL Playoff (and Super Bowl) predictions (BASG)

Assorted News

49ers mailbag: Getting Vernon Davis involved (Maiocco)

49ers can still utilize tight end Davis (Branch)

49ers' Roman has an 'in' for coach slots (Branch)

College ties: Roman's ex-teammates leading GM candidates (Branch)

Sorry for the brevity...I'll do a mega-Nuggets tomorrow.

Being a Sheep

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