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NFL playoff schedule 2013: Sunday should bring better action

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We take a look at the two NFL playoff matchups on Sunday, which should bring a bit more entertainment


The first day of the NFL playoffs wrapped up Saturday, and as far as entertaining football is concerned, it was a bit of a bust. The Texans and Packers did not exactly blow out their opponents, but the Bengals and Vikings never really seemed like they were intent on getting back into their respective games. Basically, neither game was all that compelling as we look back a day later.

Sunday should hopefully be a different matter entirely. The Colts host the Ravens at 10:00 a.m. and the Redskins host the Seahawks at 1:30 p.m. in a pair of 4-5 matchups that provide great storylines and solid football teams. It is entirely possible one or both games ends up a blowout, but I just have a hunch we'll get two entertaining games.

The Colts are of course loaded to the gills with Chuck Pagano's return and the rise of rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. The Ravens are a touchdown favorite over the Colts, but this seems like a much closer matchup than that would indicate. The Ravens are a good deal better at home than on the road, but Joe Flacco remains a question mark. He has had playoff success, but everybody is automatically waiting for a Flacco implosion. The other Ravens storyline will be that this is Ray Lewis' final home game. Lewis announced he will retire after the season, and with the Texans winning yesterday, there is no chance the Ravens host a playoff home game after today.

The Redskins and Seahawks present another solid matchup, and what looked like the best matchup heading into the weekend. The Seahawks are the only road favorite, sitting as a three point favorite over the Redskins. These two teams are as hot as almost anybody in the league, with the Seahawks riding a five game win streak and the Redskins riding a seven game win streak. We've got RGIII vs. Russell Wilson. We've got Marshawn Lynch vs. Alfred Morris. The Seahawks hold the defensive edge, which could prove to be the difference in this one.