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49ers vs. Packers, NFL Playoffs 2013: Register at Acme Packing Company

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We take a look at our rivals from Acme Packing Company, as we get ready for 49ers-Packers in the NFL Playoffs.


As we get ready for Saturday's 49ers-Packers divisional round matchup, we'll be trying to get involved with the folks at Acme Packing Company throughout the week. APC is the Packers blog here at SB Nation, and we'll be exchanging questions and other such content. As you can probably see, we have a link to an APC post on the front page. The re-design back in September included a new feature that allows us to post content in our layout from any other site around the network. We could do basic "link" posts through FanShots, but now we can add the entire post to the layout.

As with many of the SB Nation sites, Acme Packing Company has a brief waiting period before you can comment after registering at the site. I like having robust discussion between our site and that of our opponent, so I strongly encourage you to register at the site before we get completely into the game week.

And as always, when you head over to an opposing site, make sure and behave yourself. Each site has different rules for what is allowed, but as always, if you treat people with respect you should be fine.