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NFL playoff schedule 2013: 49ers-Packers divisional round tickets go on sale Monday morning

The 49ers will be putting limited playoff tickets on sale Monday morning. We take a look at the details and the 49ers upcoming game.

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The San Francisco 49ers welcome the Green Bay Packers to town this Saturday, January 12, for the divisional round of the 2013 NFL playoffs. It marks the first 49ers-Packers playoff game at Candlestick Park since Steve Young connected with Terrell Owens on The Catch II back in 1999. Given how wild last season's two playoff games were at Candlestick Park, a wild game would not surprise me in the least.

If you do not have season tickets, but want to try and get out to the game, the 49ers will put a limited number of tickets on sale to the public. Tickets will be available at Ticketmaster Monday morning, beginning at 10:00 a.m. PT. Last season there were less than 1,000 tickets put on sale for the divisional round, and I can't imagine there will be many more available this season.

If you are unable to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster tomorrow morning, there is always the secondary ticket market. Niners Nation and the rest of SB Nation have a deal with TiqIQ for tickets. If you don't find good deals there, the NFL has their official Ticket Exchange. Swing by either to see what kind of deals you can find. It won't be cheap, but there are always tickets to be had.