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49ers vs. Packers announcers: Divisional round matchup features No. 1 FOX crew

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The 49ers and Packers will get the No. 1 FOX announcer crew, which is a debatable designation for that group. We look at the television and radio announcers for the game

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

This coming weekend, the 49ers and Packers square off on FOX on Saturday, while the Falcons and Seahawks square off on FOX on Sunday. It should surprise nobody that the 49ers-Packers matchup has been given the No. 1 FOX crew for the game. That crew consists of Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews.

I should probably be referring to the No. 1 crew with quotation marks because the Buck/Aikman duo is most definitely not the best crew on FOX. My personal preference is the No. 2 team of Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa. They gel well as a unit, and I enjoy Kenny Albert much more than Joe Buck. I'd probably take Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick over Buck and Aikman, and Billick can hardly remember names half the time.

If you decide you can't handle three hours of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, there are alternatives. Here are some of the radio options for the game:

  • The 49ers Radio Network will feature Ted Robinson and Eric Davis. In the Bay Area, you can listen on KNBR 680 and 107.7 FM The Bone. Outside the Bay Area, check out the 49ers Radio Network
  • The folks at Dial Global Radio Sports will be covering the game, featuring Kevin Harlan, Dan Fouts and Hub Arkush. You can find their stations at the Dial Global Station Finder
  • Univision America will broadcast the game with the team of Rafael Hernandez Brito and Raul Striker, Jr.
  • Finally, you can catch the game on Spanish Radio KTRB 860, featuring Erwin Higueros and Juan Carlos Sierra