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NFL playoff schedule 2013: 49ers-Packers, Falcons-Seahawks provide some good football

We take a look at the upcoming weekend of NFL playoff action with the wild card round now a wrap.

The wild card round is officially finished, and the NFC divisional round will provide a pair of great matchups. I took a few minutes to look back and look ahead, so give the video a check when you get a minute. I'll have more video this week, including a breakdown of who holds what advantages between the 49ers and Packers in the various positional units.

We'll have plenty to discuss about 49ers and Packers, but Falcons-Seahawks provides plenty of intriguing storylines as well. The Seahawks are playing solid football and are as hot as most any team in the league. However, coming out of Washington, they have a couple issues arising. Defensive end Chris Clemons could be lost for the playoffs with an ACL injury, which is a tough blow to a solid defense. Additionally, the Seahawks are traveling back west to Seattle, then back east to face the Falcons in a 10:00 a.m. PT game on Sunday.

I think the Seahawks have the confidence to overcome both of these issues, but it has made that divisional round matchup all the more intriguing. I suppose Matt Ryan and the Falcons could finally figure out their way to a playoff win, but I'm not all that sold on them. I do think the early game and the travel could impact this game, so maybe that's enough to get the Falcons the upset. I'm honestly not sure because I just don't view the Falcons as overly dangerous. Maybe they can ride the "Nobody believes in us" to a victory.