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49ers kicker competition moves to Candlestick Park

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49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh provided some updated information on the 49ers kicking competition. We take a look at where it stands.


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media today, and he was able to provide a bit of an update on the 49ers kicker competition. The 49ers signed Billy Cundiff last week, while retaining David Akers, in order to find a kicker who can do the job for them this Saturday, and potentially moving forward in the playoffs.

The two kickers have been competing since last Thursday, and according to Coach Harbaugh, there is currently a leader in the clubhouse. He would not say who that leader was, and he would not provide a date when the decision would be made. This is not surprising, but at least worth a minor mention.

The kicker competition takes a big step forward today, as Coach Harbaugh told the media that Akers and Cundiff would kick on the grass at Candlestick Park today. Some of the media reports from last week seemed to indicate Cundiff was doing better in the competition. If that is the case, he could potentially lock down the job with a strong showing at Candlestick Park.

Although some leaks may get out, I imagine Coach Harbaugh won't say who the kicker is until Saturday. Harbaugh said it was possible both players would be on the roster at that point, and also that both could be active. Those were in response to fairly leading questions, so take that with a grain of salt.

I expect both players on the team on Saturday, but I would be surprised if both were active. The 49ers need all hands on deck, particularly on special teams, and if Cundiff is doing fine with the job, I fully expect him to be active on Saturday. He has the fresher leg, and with Akers dealing with the groin issues, I just can't see Akers active. I'm sure I'll be completely wrong, but that's how I view it for now.