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Jaguars GM, coach search takes a turn with David Caldwell

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Reports are out that David Caldwell is expected to land the Jacksonville Jaguars GM position. We look at the impact of that decision on 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble and offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Al Messerschmidt

The NFL GM searches continue, and one of the more significant dominos appears to be falling. According to Jay Glazer, the Jacksonville Jaguars have decided on Atlanta Falcons personnel man David Caldwell as their next general manager.

This decision impacts the 49ers in several ways. The first is that it removes Caldwell from the New York Jets GM candidacy. 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble had supposedly entered the day as one of the leading candidates for the job. That may or may not be changing if this tweet is to be believed. It states that Gamble had a poor interview, but I don't really know how much credence to put in that tweet.

The more pertinent impact is that Greg Roman was a teammate and roommate of Caldwell in college, so there is a connection. That doesn't mean Caldwell will hire him, but it is of note. It is of course also of note that Mike Mularkey is still the head coach in Jacksonville. Jaguars ownership has said the new GM will get final say on Mularkey's future. Earlier today, Roman was asked if any teams had contacted him about coaching jobs. He responded that he is only focused on the Packers.

One thing that has popped up over and over is whether or not Alex Smith would join Greg Roman if Roman lands a head coaching job. At this point, I honestly have no idea. After all, aside from sound bites to the media, what do we really know about what Greg Roman thinks about Alex Smith as a QB he would want to pursure?

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