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49ers vs. Packers, NFL playoffs 2013 preview: Matchup breakdown and game prediction

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We take a video look at the 49ers-Packers playoff matchup. There are several key matchups to consider and we provide a breakdown of each, along with a game prediction.

I took a few minutes earlier today to put together some video to preview this Saturday's 49ers-Packers matchup, and figure I'd drop it in here for a little evening viewing. The preview includes a look at six matchups in the game, and provides a look at who has the advantage. That is followed by a quick score prediction by your fearless "homer" leader. The six matchups I looked at include:

1. Passing attacks
2. Rushing attacks
3. Experience
4. X-Factor
5. Special teams
6. Injury issues

Give the video a view, and of course feel free to share with all your friends. And as always, consider subscribing to the Niners Nation YouTube channel.

I'll be posting this video in most posts this week, so if you miss it today, you can always check it out later. We'll be looking into each of the six factors over the course of this week, so we'll have plenty more to discuss.