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Colin Kaepernick talks 49ers-Packers with the media

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We take a look at Colin Kaepernick's press conference transcript as he prepares for the 49ers divisional round matchup with the Green Bay Packers.


QB Colin Kaepernick
Press Conference - January 8, 2013
San Francisco 49ers

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[Offensive Coordinator] Greg Roman said you're approaching this as just another game. Is it?

"Is it just another game? Yeah."

Obviously, this is your playoff debut. You were on the sidelines last year for those two games. What was it like to be on the sideline? Is there a different atmosphere for the playoffs?

"A lot more intense than regular season games. There's a lot more at stake."

In the season opener at Green Bay, what do you remember most about that game?

"That was my first time really being on the field in a significant moment. So, that would be the biggest thing."

We've all seen that letter than you wrote to yourself when you were little about wanting to play for the 49ers. Do you remember how old you were when you realized you wanted to become a professional football player?

"Since the time I can remember."

Like 5?

"I don't know. I started playing football at eight years old, so probably ever since then. "

When you were going through that in your mind, were you in a Packers jersey or a 49ers jersey? What was your allegiance like back then?

"I was a Packers fan."

When you talk about [retired NFL QB] Brett Favre, do you admire [Packers QB] Aaron Rodgers as well?

"Yeah, Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. You see what he does on the field. You see the performances he's been having, so you can't say enough about the guy. We're going to have to go out and put up points."

Have you met him?

"Never met him."

Do your parents still have your old Packers stuff?

"I don't think so."

They threw it out?

"Yeah, probably."

Can you talk a little about their defense? They've got [LB] Clay Matthews back and everybody's getting pretty healthy, [CB] Charles Woodson. What kind of problems are they going to pose for you?

"They have a lot of different looks, a lot of different things they can do, a lot of great playmakers on their side of the ball. So, they're going to try to cause turnovers, they're going to try to disrupt our offense. We just have to account for that."

What is it about your makeup that, you've only started seven games in the league, yet you're playing like you've been around for a couple of years. You've showed maturity for a guy unlike anybody who's gone through what you've gone through.

"I don't know. I think it's because I've been playing football for so long. I think I've said before, this is my 17th year of football. So, football is football once you get on the field."

You're a pretty business-like guy, it seems like. Can this week be fun for you? Can you have fun this week? What would be the most fun thing to happen this week?

"If we win. That's the most fun you can have."

What about the process?

"The process is work. You come out every day, you try to be focused and make sure you're ready for the game."

Is this a difficult balancing act for you, that the starting quarterback is usually the leader of the locker room and team and you're a relative newcomer who's only had seven starts. Is it hard for you to get up there in front of the media and be very vocal and act in a very vocal way, as far as leading?

"I don't think you have to be vocal to be a leader. At the quarterback position, obviously, you're going to have to speak up at times, but I think you can lead more by your actions and showing people that you're prepared and the decisions you make on the field."

Does this game feel a lot different from a big prime time game, Sunday or Monday night, like New England or Chicago?

"It's another game. There's just more at stake."

What do you remember about last year's playoff games, watching it from the sidelines? What do you remember about that? What do you take away from that?

"You have to raise your level of play. You have to be more precise. You have to know everything that a defense is going to do."

Do you remember anything specific about those games last year, watching it that stood out to you, a play that stood out to you or a learning lesson?

"I can't pick out one play."

Where did you watch the Packers game Saturday?

"At my house."

And then how many times did you watch it since then?

"Quite a few."

What jumps out at you, without giving away schemes, what really strikes you about their defense and what they try to accomplish?

"They're trying to get turnovers. That's the biggest thing they do. They want to give the ball back to their offense."

That's kind of what the Bears' tactic also was for your first start. Are there similarities as to how they attempt to do it?

"They're completely different defenses."

I guess my question, you don't like to reveal a whole lot, which you might have in common with your coach. Why is that?

"The more that you reveal, the less of an advantage you have."