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Golden Nuggets: All Packers-49ers previews, all the time

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Wednesday, January 8, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Andy Lyons

Good morning, everyone. Playoff fever is in high gear and the chatter is increasing. There's a fair bit to cover so I'll keep the rambling to a minimum up top so I can get some comments in down below. Couple things I'd like to point out before the links. Bummer about RGIII and his knee. Chris Clemons too? They're comparing Candlestick's turf to the stuff in Washington. Conventional wisdom says that rough turf will slow down the speed of the Packers passing attack. If you watch the PFT preview video they imply that some teams like to keep the turf in bad shape when it suits them. And did anyone read Peter King's MMQB. He gave his All-Pro team and Ahmad Brooks made it. About time one of our unsung players on a defense of superstars gets some national recognition.

To the links...

Divisional Playoffs: Packers at 49ers

There's no doubting the potency of the Packers offense, and they had lulls at times this season with all their injuries. But they were full strength when they played the 49ers in Week 1. If the 49ers play their best, as they did in the first matchup, there's no way the Packers beat them. | 49ers expecting a challenge against Aaron Rodgers, Packers offense (Gin)

Ruthless Sports Guy details how we ran all over, or should we say all around, the Packers in Week 1. Avoiding B.J. Raji in the middle is key and the 49ers had great success in the first meeting. There GIFs and diagrams for those that learn by looking at moving pictures. | 49ers beat the Packers in Week 1 by running (and avoiding BJ Raji) (BASG)

Winning the NFC Offensive Player of the Week in a primetime game against the consensus best team in the league Patriots is as good a warmup as one can get for the playoffs. Or maybe going into a hostile Superdome, where an entire state blames you for ruining their season is it. | Colin Kaepernick is 'X Factor' for 49ers

Here's one on the best passers in the league at throwing the deep ball. Guess who is tops on the list? Colin Kaepernick. Aaron Rodgers is second, and it is noted he had quite a few drops. | Power and precision: Kaepernick, Rodgers air it out with accuracy (Branch)

And the biggest question of the day...the one that will probably have the most impact on the outcome of the game is... | What will Justin Smith be able to give the 49ers on Saturday? (Ratto)

How much have the Packers changed since the 49ers met them in Week 1? A lot is being made about the effectiveness of DuJuan Harris since coming on board in December. He has been successful in very limited carries against middle of the pack run defenses. He's yet to face the 49ers run defense. | Packers are a different team, too (CSN Bay Area)

How about a bit of A.J. Jenkins talk? Roman is confident in him. I wish the rest of us were. Kaepernick needs to be and he needs to produce when called upon. We can't be limited to two receivers in the playoffs. | Roman: Confident AJ Jenkins will perform when called upon (Barrows)

One of the matchups that favored the Packers in Week 1 was Clay Matthews vs Joe Staley. Matthews had 2 1/2 sacks and Staley was battered and bloody with a broken nose. Limiting Matthews' pressures will go a long way toward a 49ers victory. | Staley eager to atone for first-week flop vs Matthews (Branch)

Packers Talk: How good is a bad Aaron Rodgers (BASG)

Key matchup No. 4: Ahmad Brooks vs Don Barclay (Maiocco)

Who is the best QB from the 49ers-Packers rivalry? (

Niners playoff tested bunch this time around (

Patrick Willis says 'not an issue, not a problem' if he's sidelined by pass-happy Packers (Inman)

Kaepernick on playoff debut: 'It's another game, there's just more at stake' (Inman)

Fangio compares Rodgers to Dan Marino, Steve Young; won't hesitate to pull Justin Smith if hurting the team (Inman)

Lighter load? Willis could reprise spectator role vs Packers (Branch)

Packers' Rodgers hopeful on many fronts (CSN Bay Area)

Assorted 49ers News

Mike Sando has a two-part piece on the disappearance of Vernon Davis. Oddly enough, Colin Kaepernick leads the league in quarterback rating when throwing to tight ends. Alex Smith is 5th in the league. I guess targeting Delanie Walker, aka Droptimus Prime is the way to go?!? Baffling. | The search for Vernon Davis, part one (Sando)

The search for Vernon Davis, resolved? (Sando)

Who is the 49er you'd be most happy to see get a Super Bowl ring. All of them, right? Wrong. Frank Gore. | Frank Gore in search of Super Bowl ring (Inman)

Here's Tim Kawakami being his loveable self, endearing himself to 49ers fans everywhere. At least he starts off the post acknowledging that people generally scream at him. I just hate longwinded titles. | Alex Smith's crossed-out, playoff story-line foils: Aaron Rodgers, Mike Nolan, Peyton Manning... oh well (Kawakami)

Greg Roman's old roommate, Dave Caldwell is now the GM for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Some might speculate that that puts Roman squarely in his sights as a possible coaching candidate. Current coach Mike Mularkey is still there, though. | Roman's buddy lands GM job in Jacksonville (Barrows)

Amici's contest - What's your favorite 49ers playoff memory? (BASG)

Billy Cundiff gets his kicks at Candlestick Park (SF Gate)

Tony LaRussa heaps praise on Jim Harbaugh (Inman)

49ers add rookie LB to practice squad (CSN Bay Area)

Cundiff's first impression of Monday's Candlestick audition (Inman)

Cundiff isn't keeping tabs on his competition (Maiocco)

Willis leads unselfish defense (

Videos / Assorted Media

Press pass: Patrick Willis (

Press pass: Vic Fangio (

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

Press pass: Greg Roman (

Previewing Packers at 49ers (ProFootballTalk)

Conference call: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (

Conference call: Packers HC Mike McCarthy (

Matt & Mindi: How much play time for Patrick Willis (CSN Bay Area)

Weekly conversation: Greg Roman (

Photos: Behind the scenes at Candlestick Park (SF Gate)

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