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49ers vs. Jaguars: Virgin Atlantic, Adam Schefter offering opportunity to 'report' from London game

Virgin Atlantic is providing an opportunity to "report" from the 49ers-Jaguars International Series game on October 27.


If you are looking to get out to London for 49ers-Jaguars later this month, Virgin Atlantic is offering a fun little competition featuring ESPN's Adam Schefter. They are looking to find a "Red Hot Reporter" for the London game. The person will "interview players, go behind-the-scenes with sideline access and showcase the fan experience from the Virgin Atlantic suite."

To take part in the competition, they want applicants to "show their passion for football and reporting abilities through a short video." You'll need to, create a video on the platform of your choice, follow @Virgin_Atlantic on Twitter and tweet the video to @Virgin_Atlantic with the hashtag #RedHotReporter.

Based on this information, it would appear you can upload video to YouTube, or get creative using Instagram or Vine video. If you take part in this, drop a link to your video in the comments. You have until October 11 to submit your video. The game takes place October 27 at Wembley Stadium.