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Joe Staley demonstrates just how fine his ankle really is

49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley went down screaming in pain during the 49ers Thursday Night Football win over the St. Louis Rams. He provided an update to the media on Tuesday. We break down his situation. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday night, 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley was rolled up from behind and let loose a fearsome scream. It was safe to say we all assumed the worst, as the replay showed him bent backward at the knee. A hot mic nearby caught the screams, and the comments quickly turned to "Oh my god!"

Shortly after the game, we heard that Staley came out of the X-ray room without a limp, and right guard Alex Boone was already giving him crap for his scream. Staley himself tweeted that he was fine, and apologized for his scream. He said as much a day later during a radio interview.

On Tuesday, players were made available to the media for the first time since Thursday Night Football. Staley again said he was fine, stating that the scream was out of fear more than pain. He thought he had broken his ankle, and it would be understandable to be afraid of what happened. Thankfully that was not the case, and Staley apparently confirmed that by hopping around on the one leg.

The 49ers appear to have dodged a serious bullet with this news. The 49ers have extremely limited depth on the offensive line, and losing an anchor like Joe Staley would have been a huge loss. Now, the 49ers can continue preparing for a tough Texans defense with what appears to be a healthy offensive line.

Speaking of the offensive line, 49ers Studios has been mic'ing up players all season long. They mic'd up Alex Boone for Thursday Night Football, and he had some great lines. My favorite might have been when he was sitting next to Anthony Davis. He told Davis, "You get to be Bonnie, I'm Clyde. Wayne and Garth. You're Garth, I'm Wayne". Give it a view when you get a minute.

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