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Donte Whitner officially files paperwork for name change

We take a look at the latest news on Donte Whitner's attempt to change his last name to Hitner. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Donte Whitner/HItner name change story continues to move along! Cam Inman and TMZ have reported that Whitner officially filed the paperwork to change his name to Hitner. TMZ published a PDF of Whitner's name-change application.

If you want to change your name in Cuyahoga County, the Probate Court web page has plenty of information. I did a case search (case #2013MSC193002, search by last name), and it provides plenty of random little details about Whitner's application. Among other things, Whitner is paying $130 for the application. Additionally, there is a November 19 hearing scheduled before Judge Laura Gallagher. I am curious what kind of questions are asked at the hearing. The 19th is a Tuesday, so Whitner likely will spend his day off in Ohio.

Given the hearing date, Donte will remain Whitner through the Saints game. I assume it will be easily approved for change, which means he could be Hitner in time for Monday Night Football against Washington. You know the ESPN crew will have a good time with that, if that is the case.

In the meantime, if you're bored, and are from Ohio, feel free to submit your own name change form!

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