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49ers Candlestick Park celebration continues with Steve Young's run vs. Vikings

The 49ers are celebrating their top ten moments in Candlestick Park. We have some video of moment No. 5, which will be celebrated during the 49ers Week 6 contest against the Arizona Cardinals.

The San Francisco 49ers are wrapping up their final season at Candlestick Park, and as part of the farewell, they are celebrating the top ten moments in 49ers history at Candlestick Park. Moment No. 5 to be celebrated at the Stick later today is Steve Young's incredible run against the Minnesota Vikings on October 30, 1988. I've found some video of the run, posted above. The video below is more of the run, but with some commentary by teammates.

Here is the 49ers description of the moment:

Some say if you listen closely you can hear the call by Hall of Fame broadcaster Lon Simmons still rumbling through the stadium. Steve Young started for an injured Joe Montana on this late October afternoon and, battling for their playoff lives, the 49ers fell behind the Minnesota Vikings 21-17 in the fourth quarter.

49 yards away from the end zone, Young dropped back to pass, scrambled and kept a broken play alive as all ten of his offensive teammates furiously looked for someone to block. With Simmons describing to a radio audience how Young "gets away again," the 49ers quarterback stumbled into the end zone to complete the most-unlikely of touchdown runs.

Young's touchdown run gave the 49ers the lead and ultimately the 24-21 victory. The season would end with San Francisco winning their third title in Super Bowl XXIII.