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When it is appropriate to do the wave...

It's a pretty easy answer....

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

1. Never
2. Seriously, never

If you're wondering what this is about, yesterday toward the end of the 49ers win over the Arizona Cardinals, defensive end Calais Campbell went down with a nasty looking neck injury. He was down for a while, and they had to bring a stretcher out. He was eventually taken to a Bay Area hospital and it sounds like he will be sore, but should make a full recovery.

The problem is that as he was laid out on the field, fans at Candlestick Park began doing the Wave. As the stretcher came out, some of them continued doing it.

Even though people doing it might have felt they were just passing idle time, as Joe Staley said after the game, it was disrespectful to Campbell and to all the players in the game. If you're too impatient to sit quietly (or cheer for the injured player), something is a little out of whack.

I am not a fan of the wave in general, but to do it while somebody is injured is absurd. I'd hope nobody here was involved, but in the future, if you see somebody starting the wave, particularly during this kind of moment, tell them to stop. It's that simple.

Get well, Calais.