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49ers vs. Titans announcers: Chris Myers, Tim Ryan to call the game

The 49ers and Titans will have the No. 5 FOX crew. We break it down. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday on FOX, but unfortunately the game is likely to be blacked out in a lot of markets. The game is the only FOX broadcast in the 1:05/1:25 slot, but the schedule layout likely means a lot of afternoon blackouts in most markets.

The 49ers and Titans will feature Chris Myers on play-by-play, Tim Ryan on the color commentary and Jennifer Hale as the sideline reporter. I am not a big fan of Myers on play-by-play, as he has always struck me as better doing feature work and interviews. I'd much prefer seeing him on the sideline than in the booth. Tim Ryan, on the other hand, has grown on me a bit. That might come from all the time he spends doing 49ers games in the preseason. He does color work on the local preseason broadcast, so he does have some depth of knowledge when it comes to the team.

If you're wondering, the Ryan/Myers/Hale crew is FOX's No. 5 crew. That is further proof this game is further down the totem pole of broadcasting. Last week's game was broadcast by the No. 4 crew. Pretty much all of California, and much of Nevada and Oregon will get the game, as well as some other spots around the country, but I would not expect a ton of coverage.

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