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Eric Wright discusses failed 49ers physical in vague terms

49ers cornerback Eric Wright spoke with the media on Tuesday as he returned to practice. We take a look at some of his rather vague comments. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


The San Francisco 49ers have begun returning their NFI and PUP list players to the practice field, which means some of them are getting a chance to speak with the media. One such player was Eric Wright, who was asked about his failed physical earlier this offseason when the 49ers traded for him. Wright was fairly vague with his response:

"Just all of us, generally, we have personal responsibilities," the San Francisco native said. "We all have families. Not all of us, but we have kids and different things like that. We're responsible for a lot of things ... . So I'm just grateful for this opportunity to be playing for my hometown team and playing for such a storied franchise. And pretty much being able to live out my dream."

Wright told the media he felt healthy enough at this point to play. The NFI nature of his status leaves the door open for a wide array of speculation, but given his discussion of personal responsibilities, I won't delve into any speculation. He's back at practice, and sounds like he is ready to play. I don't know that we'll ever find out what was the cause of this chain of events, but for now we can move forward and hopefully get him on the field.

Given the performance of Tramaine Brock, I would be surprised if the 49ers did not use the entire three week window with Eric Wright. He could potentially prove himself a worthy slot corner option, but the team's secondary is playing well enough right now that I don't think there is any rush.

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