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49ers post-game speech features hand slaps

The 49ers celebrated their win over the Cardinals with some hearty hand-slaps. We take a look at the post-game celebration. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

@49ers on Instagram

The 49ers have generally done solid work with video and social media, but this year, the team appears to be heavily investing in video production. One thing they did last year, and have continued to do this year is video of Jim Harbaugh's post-game speeches after 49ers wins.

This has always been one of my favorites features on the site, as he usually has something entertaining to say. For Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals, it was particularly amusing, as Coach Harbaugh encouraged everybody to slap hands after the win. Below I've posted some Instagram video the 49ers uploaded, but first, a GIF from it from Reddit user exSD:


The players look excited, and I particularly enjoy the look on Colin Kaepernick's face as he is looking for players to high-five. It's not funny so much as just entertaining as all get out.

The 49ers posted this Instagram of a portion of the video, but I recommend going to the link above for the entire post-game speech. You should also check out the "Action Cam" video 49ers Studios put together. It's a fun video as well.