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Jim Harbaugh talks turnovers in colorful terms

The 49ers face a Titans team that is second in the NFL in turnover differential. The 49ers have struggled with giveaways, but are improving with takeaways. We break down the issues for this weekend.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans rank No. 2 in the NFL in turnover differential at +8. Jim Harbaugh acknowledged as much in his press conference today, as he stated the Titans were the best team the 49ers will have faced thus far in terms of punching the ball out and forcing turnovers. It also led to a rather colorful point from the 49ers head coach.

He was talking about Frank Gore's ability to hold on to the ball, discussing his one turnover on the season. Gore has lost one fumble this year, coming at the start of the second half of the 49ers Week 4 win over St. Louis. Harbaugh said of that game:

"You're not going to sneak up on Frank again and hit him over the head with a bag of dung a second time."

Ummm....riiiiight. It's just another great Harbaugh-ism to add to the list. The list continues to grow.

But this is still a serious point. The 49ers defense has forced eight turnovers the last two weeks, and much like we saw in 2011, it is key to setting up the offense in prime field position. The 49ers have not exactly impressed in the giveaway department. They are tied for eighth in the NFL in terms of most giveaways. They are currently second in the NFC in fumbles lost, and sixth in interceptions. They've cleaned it up a bit the last two weeks, but that will be a key this weekend. It's a key every weekend, but even more so given the Titans ability to force turnovers.

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