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Golden Nuggets: Team Doc Garza passes; 49ers Ready to Face Old Friend Delanie Walker

Thursday, October 17, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


The 49ers will travel to Tennessee this weekend to face the Titans and longtime Niner Delanie Walker. We haven't seen him since the Super Bowl. He got a good deal to play for Tennessee, one we would never match in a million years, and who can blame him for making the move. I'd like to think we have the goods on how to stop him. Hint: Let Ryan Fitzpatrick play quarterback.

But first...

Dan Garza

If you know the 49ers, you know that Dan Garza was one of our team physicians. He was a leading expert on concussions from Stanford. He passed away in his home late yesterday with no cause of death given. Our condolences go out to the family. We'll be hearing more about this in the coming days. | Report: 49ers medical director Dan Garza passes away (Gin)

Delanie Walker

There's quite a bit of news about Delanie Walker today. I guess when there's no rivalry whatsoever between two teams that play each other once every four years and have never really been good at the same time, the only story line is going to be...."Hey, that one guy on the one team used to be a role player on the other team." Walker is on pace to double his career high in receptions. He's averaging less than 10 yards per catch, though, a near career low. | Delanie Walker anxious to face former team (Gin)

Delanie had a bit to say about Aldon Smith and his recent DUI. You'll remember that his aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver after leaving New Orleans following the Super Bowl. I've been waiting for this to see what would be made of it. | Now flourishing with Titans, Walker reflects on Smith's travails and drunk-driving awareness (Inman)

Titans' Delanie Walker shows growth on and off field (Maiocco)

AUDIO - Delanie Walker Enjoys Being Titans 'First Read' (

Delanie Walker on Aldon Smith: "He's a little wild dude." (Cohn - Transcript)

Jim's Jive Turkey Gobble Gobblers (or whatever)

Jim Harbaugh makes a very weird analogy here. But the point of it was that the 49ers must manage turnovers. The Titans have the second-highest turnover differential. It should be noted that they did not turn the ball over in their first four games under Jake Locker. In the last two, with Fitzpatrick at the helm, they have all five of their TOs on the year. Their last two games were against the Chiefs and Seahawks, two of the best defenses in the league....Hey, we have a top defense....hmmm... | Jim Harbaugh's latest "Harbaughism" is kind of dirty (BASG)

Who the heck is going to start for the Titans? | Harbaugh's preparations include Locker (ESPN)

Transcript and video from Harbaugh latest media session. | Coach's Notebook: Oct. 16 (

Munchak's Mumbo Jumbo

Every single team had their chance to draft Kaepernick, including the Tennessee Titans. Mike Munchak recalls his evaluation of Young Kap and his decision to choose Jake Locker. Locker had been turning a corner this year before injury sidelined him for the last couple games. | Titans' coach fondly recalls evaluating Kaepernick ... before passing on him to draft Locker (Inman)

Mike Munchak fears Colin Kaepernick's legs. Most coaches do. He hopes Kap continues to be a pocket passer. I hope he takes off on one. | Titans coach hopes 49ers continue to limit Kaepernick's running (Branch)

AUDIO - Titans Coach Munchak on Containing Kaepernick (

Munchak on Kaepernick: "I hope he continues not to run against us." (Cohn - Transcript)

Defensive Line

Oh, boy. We drafted for depth on the defensive line. Now it looks like we're thin at the position. Why, oh why? Will the veterans be ready to go? Will some rookies get in the game sooner than expected? Will we sign someone? This post has some Harbaugh video discussing the topic embedded. | 49ers contemplating roster move on defensive line (Maiocco)

Here's all the evidence you need to know that the problem is worrisome. | 49ers starting defensive line sits out Wednesday's practice (Barrows)

49ers may need to add to thin D-line (ESPN)


As of right now, Kaepernick has played a full 16 games as a starter. His numbers are good, but not overwhelming. His record is 11-5. That's the best stat of them all, right? | Reflecting on Kaepernick's first 16 starts (ESPN)

BASG pokes a little fun at Colin Kaepernick. Before you get up in arms...hear me out. Kap said yesterday that the foot issue that has him listed on the injury report is a hangnail on the pinky toe of each foot. It was said with a smirk. Is he telling the truth or is he doing his evil coach's bidding? | Colin Kaepernick says he's suffering from hangnails on both pinkie toes (video)(BASG)

Bill Williamson notes that the Titans should do everything in their power to neutralize Vernon Davis. If they can accomplish this, we'll need someone else to step up. | QB Watch: 49ers' Colin Kaepernick (ESPN)

Titans, Jags & Panthers, oh my! Kaepernick readies for teams that bypassed him (Branch)

Returning Players

In case you haven't heard, Eric Wright is from San Francisco's Hunter's Point neighborhood. How often does a guy get to play for the team from his home city? Here's hoping the change of scenery helps him to get his act together and play out of his year if not this year. | SF native Wright's journey hits close to home (Bach)

Manningham, Dial, Carradine and Wright return to practice (photos) (BASG)

Manningham: "I just got cleared yesterday, man! I can't do a whole practice. I'll ease my way into it." (Cohn - Transcript)

Other Stuff

It's widely believed that this regime doesn't play rookies all that often. Our defense has seen two of them play exceptionally well. Both Corey Lemonier and Eric Reid have been great. Reid has started since Week 1 and is playing at a Pro-Bowl level, while Lemonier has taken on more responsibilities as the season, and rehab, have worn on. | Ailing 49ers defense comes up big; rookies to the rescue? (Barrows)

One of the best parts about the 49ers' recent three-game win streak has been the creation of turnovers. Our defense is looking like it's 2011 in that respect. If only our offense could keep hold of the ball! | 49ers Back to Getting Turnovers (

This piece of audio starts off by stating that Tony Jerod-Eddie has become an integral part of the 49ers defense by surprise. He'll be crucial, at least this Sunday. Here's his story. | AUDIO - Jerod-Eddie Tells His Story on KNBR (

Alex Boone got a fine for kicking a guy named Alameda in the face. Bay Area represent! | Alex Boone fined $7,875 for retaliating against Alameda Ta'amu (PFT)

Hey Cam, aren't you a week early with this story? | McLeod Bethel-Thompson preps for second game in month at Wembley, where grandfather won Olympic gold (Inman)

NFL Nation Buzz: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

BASGcast (Episode 63): Dan Boyle Hit, Sharks' Hot Start and LMJ (BASG)

New code of behavior for NFL fans flies in the face of game's violence (Cohn)