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Golden Nuggets: Gameday Eve

Saturday, October 19, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot of chatter out there about the upcoming matchup with the Titans being a potential trap game for a 49ers team preoccupied with finding their passports, and busily reading Lonely Planet London instead of the playbook. And I feel it myself. After frantically waiting for the season to start and then living through each of the first six weeks of the season as if the 49ers were the only thing on this planet, I've experienced a bit of a come down this week. I'm just not quite as in it this week as I have been. Thankfully for all you 49ers fans, I'm not actually on the 49ers so it doesn't matter if I experience a bit of a letdown. I'm confident the 49ers have more mental fortitude than I. And now, the links...


49ers doctor was under investigation, according to report (Kroichick/Chron)

Report: Deceased 49ers doctor focus of criminal probe (Maiocco)


With London calling, 49ers can't overlook Titans . (Inman)
San Francisco players insist they aren't taking for granted their two-day layover in Nashville, where they'll put a three-game win streak on the line against the scuffling Tennessee Titans

Double Coverage: 49ers at Titans (ESPN)
The Titans look at the 49ers and see a team they want to become.

Titans approaching 49ers game with 'must-win' mentality (FoxSportsTennessee)

San Francisco 49ers injury report: Glenn Dorsey questionable (Williamson)

49ers v. Titans matchups: Vernon Davis vs. the Tennessee secondary (Cohn)
A bit of a surprising call here, gives the advantage to the Titans against Davis.

49ers must not fumble against strip-happy Titans (Branch)
The Tennessee Titans rank second in the NFL in turnover differential, and a key to their success has been their ability to force fumbles.

Tight end Delanie Walker on a new campaign (Lynch)
Tight end Delanie Walker is on a campaign, not only to play well against the 49ers this Sunday in Tennessee where he is the starting tight end, but also to keep his NFL brethren from drinking and driving.

49ers should continue to 'grind meat' vs. Titans (Gin)
Tennessee has great tacklers as Greg Roman indicated, but they're prone to giving up yardage.


Crabtree takes step in comeback from Achilles injury (Kroichick)
“I’m just working, bro,” he said in the locker room afterward. “I’m grinding extra hard.”

"It's going to be soon," Harbaugh says of Manningham's return (Barrows)

49ers' recuperating receivers making progress (Kroichick)

Lattimore patiently pedals on in rehab (Barrow)
Asked if he's always been a patient person, if a mellow gene had been passed down by his parents, Marcus Lattimore laughed.

What to expect from Quinton Dial (Williamson)
His greatest strength as a player is defending the run.

Two rookies to choose from if Dorsey can't play (Barrows)


49ers' Vernon Davis clicking with Colin Kaepernick (McCauley/AP)
With six touchdowns through the first six games for San Francisco, Davis has already topped his TD total of five from last season.

Grant Cohn: Every great one meets a Ken Norton, and 49ers will have theirs (Cohn)
NFL teams with nothing going for them other than a good run defense and one good cornerback can trade shots with the 49ers. Those opponents are the 49ers' Ken Nortons.

Ronnie Lott on Eric Reid: “Man, now that’s a baller.”
Reid currently is the fourth-highest rated free safety on Pro Football Focus behind Devin McCourty, Earl Thomas and Michael Griffin.

49ers' production at tight end goes beyond Davis (Massei/AP)
Having extra tight ends on the field has helped get San Francisco's run game going.

Video: 49ers Blitz by Matt Barrows
A new video feature by Sac Bee beat writer Matt Barrows with a very cool intro.

So, about the 49ers’ red zone offense (BASG)

49ers run defense returning to form (Corkran)
San Francisco 49ers held the Rams, Texans and Cardinals to an average of 86 yards rushing one touchdown combined.

49ers' Anthony Davis clipped with $15,750 fine (Maiocco)

Packers claim Chris Harper off waivers from 49ers (PFT)