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49ers vs. Jaguars: Jacksonville deals Eugene Monroe to Baltimore Ravens

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a trade to send starting left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore Ravens. We break down how bad the Jaguars seem to be. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


The San Francisco 49ers face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars October 27 in London, and the 49ers might have received a little bit of a boost for that game. News come out Tuesday evening that the Jaguars have dealt starting left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore Ravens for some day three picks.

The 49ers were already going to be heavy favorites over the Jaguars, but the latest Jaguars news does not bode well for Blaine Gabbert (or whichever QB is handling snaps at that point). The Jaguars will move second overall pick Luke Joeckel from right tackle to his natural left tackle. Monroe is entering the final year of his deal, so it is not surprising that they would get what they could, as they look to blow it up and build for the future.

A full-scale rebuild likely means Maurice Jones-Drew could find himself the subject of significant trade rumors over the next two weeks. The trade deadline is the Tuesday after Week 6. MJD is entering the final year of his deal, but will not be an easy player to move. He's expensive this year, and seems injury prone at times. That being said, I have to think the Jaguars will at least try and deal him.

Upsets do happen in the NFL, but when the 49ers face the Jaguars, an upset would be downright embarrassing. Looking at the Jaguars remaining schedule, 0-16 is not entirely out of the realm of the possible. This week at St. Louis is winnable, but I think the Rams bounce back and grab the win.

There are no "automatic wins" in the NFL, but right now the Jaguars are turning into such a win. There are reports they will be as much as a 28-point underdog when they travel to Denver in two weeks. The crazier line might be the Rams sitting as 11 point favorites for this week. I think that says as much as the 28-point line. Whatever the case, the Jaguars are pretty awful.

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