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Golden Nuggets: B.J. Daniels, Owen Marecic Cut; Jermaine Cunningham Signed

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Some of the guys welcome John Skelton to the team.
Some of the guys welcome John Skelton to the team.
Norm Hall

I must admit I was pretty shocked when I woke up this morning and read that B.J. Daniels had been cut. Owen Marecic will be joining him in unemployment, but I figured that was inevitable once some of our PUP and NFI players regained their form. But Daniels, he was our future! It is also rumored that the team will be bringing in John Skelton to take his place. That's where it gets real confusing. After some Twitter conversations, the best point made for making this particularly confusing move is that there is a complete lack of faith in Colt McCoy. They can't cut him, so they cut Daniels and hope he makes waivers, while bringing in some veteran competition for QB2. That's the most plausible explanation I've heard someone come up with. Does anyone have a better one? I'd like to hear it.

Jermaine Cunningham, ex-Patriots linebacker, was also brought in. I'm fine with that move. It makes sense...


Roster Moves

In John Skelton's career he has a 52.3% completion percentage, 15 TDs and 25 INTs. And this is with one of the best receivers of our his generation galloping around in front of him in Larry Fitzgerald. In his defense, the Arizona O-line has been atrocious. | 49ers waive B.J. Daniels and Owen Marecic, reportedly signing John Skelton for some reason (BASG)

Kevin Lynch discusses the surprise cut of Daniels. He doesn't necessarily have any answers, though, which is what I'm after. I'm beginning to think we may never know. | Surprise, 49ers release QB B.J. Daniels (SF Gate)

Here's a bit more on John Skelton. He is 6'6 and 250 lbs with a big arm. We have to assume that Harbaugh knows best when it comes to QBs. | Source: 49ers adding John Skelton (ESPN)

This post from Eric Branch has a bit more on the newly-signed Jermaine Cunningham. | 49ers sign LB Cunningham, waive QB Daniels; reportedly set to sign Skelton (Branch)

QB Daniels, FB Marecic released; former Patriots LB Cunningham signed; QB Skelton may be next (Inman)

Texans at 49ers

I use Twitter so I can vouch that it is full of idiots. What people did to David Akers last year was despicable. Now it looks like Matt Schaub has deleted his Twitter account. We can assume it's due to "haters". I'm hoping he throws another pick-6 against us, though. | Schaub pulls plug on his Twitter account (PFT)

It's always good to see your upcoming opponent falling apart at the seams. Wait, we held one of those player-only meetings before the Rams game. Is this good or bad? | Texans hold players-only meeting (PFT)

49ers v. Texans matchups: Boone v. Watt (Cohn)

Santa Clara Stadium

BASG got to take a tour of the new stadium. Here's a post with some pictures and some explanations, if you're curious to see what it will look like. Worth a read. | An inside look at Levi's Stadium, future home of the 49ers (BASG)

49ers Stadium Gets First Seats Installed (NBC)

State of the Team Pieces

Matt Maiocco basically runs down what every single player on the offense has done in the first quarter of the season. A comprehensive piece. | 49ers first quarter of season offensive rundown (Maiocco)

Cam Inman has some notes on the team. He pokes fun at Joe Staley's screaming at the end of the Rams game and discusses Jon Baldwin and his possible role with the team going forward. | Staley looking good, feeling good after his St. Louis Scream (Inman)

This was one of my few criticisms following the Rams game. Too many 3-and-outs will kill you against a better team. | 49ers having trouble sustaining drives (ESPN)

49ers' Offense Getting Back to Basics (NBC)

Alex Boone: NFC playoffs 'will come through' 49ers (

Power Rankings: No. 8 San Francisco (ESPN)

Other Stuff

Tramaine Brock filled in admirably at nickel back when Nnamdi Asomugha missed his last game against the Rams. If it were up to me, I'd give the nod to Brock. | Tramaine Brock could stay at nickel cornerback in place of Nnamdi Asomugha (Gin)

Maybe the coaches simply think your propensity for getting 2-yard gains and going down at first contact is not worth giving you more than 3 runs a game until their hand is forced. | LaMichael James denies tweeting anything about 49ers after deleting "State Farm" tweet (BASG)

Matt Barrows discusses Donte Whitner's big fine and a bunch of other topics pertaining to our favorite football team. | 49ers notes: Whitner to appeal $21K fine for hit on Rams receiver (Barrows)

Now this is hard to believe considering that the man gives 110% on 120% of the plays. | Breaking: Justin Smith didn't always give full effort in high school (Branch)

Thank you Bill Williamson, but the answer is no and NO. | Would Josh Freeman, Kenny Britt fit in? (ESPN)

It's nice to see that someone has confidence in them. | AUDIO - Roman Confident in Receiver Corps (

Jon Baldwin Puts in Extra Work (

Updated: Donte Whitner will appeal $21,000 fine for end-zone hit (Inman)

A nod to Andy Lee (ESPN)

Frank Gore up for FedEx Ground Award (

Wednesday chat: 49ers Q&A with Kevin Lynch (SF Gate)

49ers Colin Kaepernick rumored to be dating much-older actress (Inside Bay Area)

Talking Points

  • Why the hell did we just cut B.J. Daniels to make room for John Skelton?
  • Who do you think should be our nickel back when everyone is 100% healthy?
  • Do you think the 3-and-outs are going to bite us in the butt some day soon?