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Helmet-less Alex Boone head-butts helmeted Colin Kaepernick [GIF]

The 49ers are dominating and Alex Boone is enjoying it. This is quite the head-butt.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers are leading 24-10, dominating the ground game as they look to improve to 5-2. The Titans did grab a touchdown late, but the 49ers seem to be enjoying themselves. During a break in action, FOX camera caught Alex Boone giving Colin Kaepernick a bit of a love-tap.


For those that don't remember, this actually reminds me of when Kevin Greene in street clothes head-butted a helmeted Jim Druckenmiller to celebrate a touchdown. I think we all hope Kap's career goes a litttttle bit better than that of Druckenmiller!