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Jim Harbaugh thinks Aldon Smith might be back in next couple of weeks

Jim Harbaugh provided an update on Aldon Smith's situation. We take a look at his comments. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media following Sunday's win over the Tennessee Titans, and he said that Aldon Smith could potentially be back in the next couple of weeks. Here was the best clarification of Harbaugh's answer:

When it comes to rehab, anything could happen, and that's why Harbaugh would make sure to couch his comments in that manner. Aldon Smith could conceivably be back following the bye week, but again, we don't know for certain. It is interesting to note that Aldon's mom was in attendance at the game.

The 49ers defense is playing well at this point, but getting Aldon back boosts that depth back to where it needs to be. Aldon was playing quite well before the DUI. If he does come back, Vic Fangio will have to figure out what to do with that depth. Not that I would view that as a bad thing. It just makes it all the more interesting. How much playing time has Corey Lemonier earned as the potential third outside linebacker? Dan Skuta hasn't really been bad or good, he's just been kind of there. I imagine at this point Lemonier has moved past him on the depth chart once Aldon Smith re-joins Ahmad Brooks.

At this point, we still just wait and see. The 49ers head to London for their Week 8 matchup against the Jaguars, and then have a Week 9 bye. I imagine any more specific news on Aldon won't come until that bye at the earliest.