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49ers depart for London

The 49ers are quickly departing Nashville for London. Players have been tweeting out pictures from the airport. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up a 34-17 victory over the Tennessee Titans, and they are wasting little time getting out of town. The 49ers got cleaned up after the game, and are quickly departing for London. The team is flying Virgin Atlantic out of London, likely getting into London

Various 49ers players and front office personnel have between tweeting pictures of their tickets and the airplane set-up. It looks like a pretty choice option for flying to London.

I actually made the trip to London in 2010 for 49ers-Broncos. I flew Air Canada from SFO to Calgary to London (and then back to SFO via Toronto). I was in coach for those flights, but the flight from Calgary to London actually worked out really well. The flight was less than half full, so I had three seats to myself, along with free wine and free movies. All in all, it was a good time!

Here are some tweets as the 49ers head across the pond for their Week 8 matchup.