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49ers win over Titans improves record to 5-2

The 49ers keep on winning, and it leaves us with a pretty good day.

How about them San Francisco 49ers? The team improved to 5-2 as they defeated the Tennessee Titans 31-17. This is a perfect example of a game score not reflecting the reality of the game. The 49ers were up 24-3 and 31-10, and both touchdowns come with some extenuating circumstances.

All that being said, what matters is the 49ers head off to London sitting a game back of the Seahawks. The key this week will be avoiding any sort of let-down, or falling into a trap. The Jaguars are not a good team, but you never know when somebody will come out of nowhere to bite you in the butt.

For tonight though, the team is on their way to London, and we can enjoy another win. I did a quick google search for a charter flight tracker, and I might have found the team's flight. That one is listed as a 10:50 p.m. central time departure. I thought the 49ers were taking off before that, but maybe that's the flight. Whatever the case, it shows as a 7 hour and 4 minute flight. Feel free to follow along!