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49ers join Tottenham Hotspur for NFL Play 60 event

The 49ers took part in their first event of the week, meeting up with EPL squad Tottenham Hotspur to conduct an NFL Play 60 event. We take a look at various pictures. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

The San Francisco 49ers landed in London at approximately 1 p.m. local time, and they were quickly off to their first event of the week. The photo gallery above comes from their NFL Play 60 event, conducted alongside English Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur. The event featured 49ers players playing some European football, and then the 49ers players teaching kids some of the fundamentals of American football.

The 49ers will be in London for the week, and NFL UK is providing all sorts of pictures. Earlier today, we had some pictures from the 49ers arrival at Heathrow. We'll likely have more from practice and other events. I'll continue posting galleries as I get chunks of them. Also, if you're on Twitter, I recommend following @NFL_UK as they are tweeting out some content all week. I'll retweet some of it, and post the rest.

Most are fairly low key, but I imagine there will be some fish out of water type stuff worth checking out. Speaking of which, Joe Staley with some amusing soccer moves

And here's some additional Vine from the event: