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Which Jaguars player do 49ers fans want?

The 49ers are more talented than the Jaguars, but Jacksonville has some intriguing players that could help the 49ers. Who would you take? New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

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The San Francisco 49ers face a Jacksonville Jaguars team that is squarely in the midst of re-building. The Jaguars have numerous question marks across their roster, leading to what is currently a 16 1/2 point spread.

While the Jaguars are re-building, they do have some pieces in place around which they can build around. The 49ers roster is more talented at virtually every position, but there are spots where the 49ers could benefit from a Jaguar or two. Earlier today, Big Cat Country put together a look at who they would grab from the 49ers roster. BCC went a little under the radar in selecting left guard Mike Iupati. Personally I could think of a few better options for that roster, but building out on the offensive line isn't the worst idea in the world.

In looking over the Jaguars roster, there are two very intriguing options. The first is wide receiver Justin Blackmon, the second is safety Jonathan Cyprien.

Blackmon is a play-making wide receiver, who could help the 49ers passing game quite a bit. We've been talking a lot about Josh Gordon, but Blackmon would be another great addition to the receiving corps. He is young and on a rookie wage scale contract. It's pricier than Gordon, but still at a level that the 49ers could handle if needed. The downside to Blackmon is that he has gotten in trouble off the field. He has multiple DUIs and served a four-game suspension to start this season.

Cyprien was a guy projected by quite a few folks to the 49ers during this past draft. The 49ers ended up moving up to acquire Eric Reid, and they have not looked back. Cyprien plays strong safety for the Jaguars, but according to Alfie Crow, he can rotate to free safety as well. Obviously I would not look to replace Eric Reid, but long-term, having a pairing of Cyprien and Reid would be kinda filthy.

If I had to pick one, I'd probably go the safer play with Cyprien. Blackmon could be ridiculously good with Colin Kaepernick, but the off-field issues leaves me a little wary. It's one of the few reasons I struggle with the 49ers making a move for Josh Gordon. Donte Whitner is having a great season, but as it is his walk year, the 49ers will likely be looking for a replacement. Cyprien would be that guy to set the back-end of the defense in place for several years.

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