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Jim Harbaugh discusses breaking up the Joe Staley-Bernard Pollard scuffle [GIF]

Joe Staley and Bernard Pollard got into a scuffle in Week 7, and it should surprise nobody that Jim Harbaugh got in the middle of it to break things up. We look at a GIF of the scuffle, and Harbaugh's comments a couple days later. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Wesley Hitt

The San Francisco 49ers pulled away from Tennessee Titans fairly easily Sunday afternoon, and given the way Tennessee was performing, it should surprise nobody that things got feisty. Kenny Britt had his shred of problems with Tarell Brown, but Bernard Pollard also got in the mix.

With 6:40 left in the fourth quarter, Colin Kaepernick threw a sideline pass to Kyle Williams. Williams got a hand on the ball, but it went incomplete. It appeared to be a fumble, although it was subsequently ruled incomplete. After the ball hit the ground, Bernard Pollard made a move to get the ball. Pollard was fumbling around with the ball himself, and Kaepernick actually dove at him to try and get the ball. Pollard ended up on top and gave Kap a shove. Joe Staley did not take kindly to that and went after Pollard. Jim Harbaugh was not going to let things get too far out of hand. That resulted in this:


Jim Harbaugh has never been one to shy away from a little action, and as we see here, he was right in there.

On Tuesday, Harbaugh was on KNBR's Murph & Mac Show. At the 8:05 mark, he was asked about the fight. His response was pretty awesome:

"It was good, it was good to be in the fray. It felt good. Got stepped on, got cleated in the foot. That felt good, too. Walked that off though. It felt good to get cleated again. it's been over a decade since I've gotten stepped on and cleated. Gave me something to walk off. Kinda felt good, to be honest with you."

When he says "That felt good, too", the deadpan nature of it was pretty funny. Give it a listen.

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