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49ers doing sight-seeing, shopping

The 49ers are getting a chance to check out all sorts of things in London.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are in London for the business of beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, but a trip across the Atlantic does provide some opportunities for the players, coaches and members of the front office to do some sight-seeing. Thanks to the development of Twitter, we can follow along with them as they enjoy their adventures abroad. It appears that not everybody set up the international plan on their phone, but we still have some folks tweeting out. Below you can find two twitter feeds to follow. The first is a list of 49ers players, the second is a list of 49ers media and front office folks.

Some of the players have gotten some shopping done while in London. There are a ton of high end shopping establishments throughout London, and it is no surprise some folks decided to take advantage. Here is a picture Perrish Cox tweeted out Tuesday evening:

Two members of the 49ers digital media department also took a 49ers helmet and got pictures of it at various famous locations throughout London.
On an unrelated side note, Tre9er will be hosting the weekly Niners Nation podcast. Guests will include Bay Area blogger Jason Neal, and 49ers beat writer Christian Gin. Enjoy!

49ers players

49ers media/front office