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NFL In Season: Discovery Channel to take us inside 49ers-Jaguars in London

Discovery Channel is chronicling the four teams taking part in London for the NFL's International Series. What can we expect of 49ers access?

Get your DVRs set because November 1 will bring some potentially interesting 49ers content. Discovery Channel is airing a show called NFL In Season - 49ers vs. Jaguars, in which they chronicle the two teams' preparation leading up to Sunday's contest. According to the video, they'll be in the locker rooms and coaches' meetings. Here's how they describe it in a press release:

Discovery will capture each moment - from the teams traveling to England and the coaches drafting game plans to the players practicing and being tourists in London. Before, during and after the game, get a fly-on-the-wall look as players work hard to make history and teams come together to return back home with a win.

Considering the 49ers coaches keep things pretty close to the vest, I'm rather intrigued by what kind of access they'll actually manage. Earlier this month, the NFL voted to allow ownership to require teams appear on Hard Knocks if they cannot find a volunteer. There are some exceptions that would allow playoff teams and other teams to decline. Jim Harbaugh was asked about Hard Knocks, and he did not seem entirely averse to the idea. Of course, if he knew about the ways the team would be in a position to not be required, that would explain things.

For now, this could be an interesting dry run. I don't expect the 49ers to be on Hard Knocks any time soon, but this will potentially whet the appetite of fans.

This episode will air on Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Friday November 1. Considering the 49ers will be in the middle of their bye week, it provides a welcome bit of 49ers content.

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