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Golden Nuggets: GM's and PM's in the UK

Saturday, October 26, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While the players were busy with practice and final game preparations, General Manager Trent Baalke was able to get in an extended two and a half hour media session and he provided lots of insights into how the team sees their roster moving forward and what he thought of specific positions and how they would be handled. Meanwhile Coach Jim Harbaugh reveals that one of his greatest inspirations in history is former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. From one great leader to another, Jim lets WINston Churchill do the "talking". Coach probably chose him too because his name has WIN in it.

Wait till you hear Jim's inspirational Churchillesque motivation for the team | Harbaugh draws on Churchill to inspire 49ers (Maiocco)

Who's traveled farther than us? NOBODY! | 49ers notes: Team leads NFL in air miles (Barrows)

Baalke's Business

With majority of their contracts ending after the season, what will the 49ers do with their defensive backs in the upcoming season/s? | Trent Baalke wants to "make it right" with Tarell Brown (BASG)

A look at some potential roster moves coming out of the bye week. | 49ers plan roster moves before Nov. 10 game (Maiocco)

Baalke is anticipating activating Tank Carradine really soon. | Carradine will add fuel to 49ers' tank (Williamson)

Tarell Brown didn't start off this season well contract-wise, but Trent is going to make sure that the 49ers do what's right by him. | 49ers still looking to 'make it right' with Tarell Brown (Maiocco)

I'm not willing to bet whose agents Baalke is in talks with regarding contract extensions, but I hope Crabtree is high on that list. | Baalke: 49ers talking extensions with several players (Branch)

Gameday Eve Notes

Oh yes, there is a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars so there are some things written about that too! | Niners May Put Jaguars in a London Fog (NBC)

Are the Jags willing to stack the box in order to stop the Niners power run game? | 49ers could face a five-man defensive line from Jacksonville (Lynch)

Inman has a chat with Donte Whitner about his health and finds out he's not 100%. In the middle of the NFL season I think that would be true of most of the players on every team. | Practice report: Whitner not 100 percent after practice at new site (Inman)

Bruce "the Swiss Knife" Miller will be a key factor in the game for all the reasons you never hear talked about. | 49ers-Jaguars matchup No. 2: Miller vs. Posluszny (Maiocco)

Assorted team notes from the UK trip. Reads like a quick deadline submission... | 49ers on the loose in London (Williamson)

In an interesting tidbit, former 49ers QB Steve Young will actually make more money this year than Colin Kaepernick from playing the QB position. And NO, He did NOT sign with the Rams! | Steve Young will be paid $1 million to play quarterback in 2014 (USA Today)


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