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Anthony Dixon trade rumors start up before NFL trade deadline

The 49ers are among the more prominent teams involved in rumors as the NFL trade deadline approaches. We take a look at the latest involving Anthony Dixon. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Charlie Crowhurst

The NFL trade deadline is coming up this Tuesday, and it should surprise nobody that rumors are heating up around the San Francisco 49ers. Prior to Sunday's big 49ers win, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport tweeted that NFL executives were saying Anthony Dixon is on the trade block. Dixon has a base salary of $630,000, is strong on special teams, and can do some dirty work as a running back.

The NFL trade deadline is much less active than the MLB and NBA trade deadlines, but given the 49ers current situation, I suspect we'll hear plenty about them over the next 48 hours. They have several players coming off the PUP and NFI list between now and Week 10, and will need to clear some roster space. There will be player releases, but if the team can flip some of their low value assets into anything else, they might as well do it.

Dixon only managed one rush for two yards, but he actually got a chance to return a kick late in the game. Kyle Williams struggled mightily on special teams, with a pair of fumbles. He didn't lose the ball either time, but it was not pretty. He also caught one kickoff that likely would have gone out of bounds and resulted in free penalty yardage. Dixon came on late and had a 47-yard kick return, which is the longest of the season.

I do think the 49ers will be able to make some kind of deal by the trade deadline to clear some roster space. I don't know that it will be Anthony Dixon, but I think the 49ers can make something happen. It won't be for a whole lot of much, meaning we could see more 7th round picks in the 49ers future, but you never know. And don't laugh at late round picks. Those can be packaged with other picks to move up from the 7th, or as an add-on for a higher round move.