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49ers vs. Jaguars final score: Let's slap hands!

The 49ers win, it's time to slap hands! video

The San Francisco 49ers head into their bye week sitting at 6-2 and in pretty solid shape. They have some question marks to figure out over the next two weeks, but all in all, things are looking good.

Some of the players were tweeting after the game, and I think this one was my favorite.

I actually got a few tweets asking about if the team was spending too much time sightseeing. I'd say they were plenty focused on this one.

Now that the game is a wrap, I thought we'd add in a new little weekly feature. When the 49ers win, they "slap hands" with each other. I believe this started after the win over the Arizona Cardinals. In the post-game speech, Coach Harbaugh told the players to turn to the guy next to them and "slap hands a little bit." This has now become "a thing", with its own little hashtag on Twitter. So, turn to the person next to you and slap hands!