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Golden Nuggets: Big Winners, Big Losers and the Big Sleeper

Monday, October 28, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

The Swiss Army Knife pulls off the Big Sleeper.
The Swiss Army Knife pulls off the Big Sleeper.
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

Before I give you the links, let me just share my thoughts on who I think were the winners and losers from this laughable but enjoyable blowout in the UK:


  1. Greg Roman - I have criticized him a lot for his early season game plans but he has made some great adjustments and got this offense doing what they do best: Smash-mouth running, the occasional deep strike, taking advantage of Colin Kaepernick's athleticism, and creative plays. The opening play of the game (Big Sleeper) was classic. Bruce Miller heads toward the sideline as if to go to the bench but he stops and stands near the sideline staying inbounds and on the line of scrimmage. When the ball is snapped, he runs down field, catches a touch pass, and nobody stops him until 43 yards later. | ‘Big Sleeper' sets the tone in 49ers' romp over Jaguars (Branch)
  2. 49ers Offensive Line - The reason both Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore were able to run for 2 touchdowns each was because the big men completely dominated the Jaguars DL. Joe Staley was a beast smashing into guys inside and outside opening up lots of running room. | Kaepernick, Gore Each Score Twice in UK Win (49ers)
  3. Role Players - Kendall Hunter showed that he is fully back from his injury and is just as explosive as he was before. Dan Skuta has been a solid reserve and got a chance to score his first NFL touchdown (He should buy Patrick Willis dinner). In fact, the reserves have stepped up all season long and been a spark for this team. Props to Baalke for putting together a roster with great depth. | Willis Forces Fumble, Skuta Scores First TD (Price)


  1. Kyle Williams - as the British would say, "he is absolute rubbish!". It's halfway into the season and he has shown no signs of stepping his game up to the next level. You can chalk up rustiness as an excuse for the first 4 games maybe but even in the 5 game winning streak, his contributions have been minimal. He can't get separation on his routes, he is now even a liability as a return man and even Anthony Dixon outshone him with a 47 yard kickoff return. Time to move on. | Jim Harbaugh declines to criticize struggling Kyle Williams (Inman)
  2. Nnamdi Asomugha - Healthy but inactive again. With Tramaine Brock playing so well and Eric Wright practicing already, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play in another 49ers game this season. He has now become another low-risk insurance policy, to borrow a term from LaMichael James. | 49ers Q&A: What's Nnamdi Asomugha's fate? (Barrows)
  3. The Jaguars Front Office - this place is greener than a meadow abundant with fresh water, sunshine and cow manure. From the GM to the head coach, they are all first-timers in their jobs and their decisions show it. They will get great picks next year, but do they have the smarts to take advantage of it? | Jaguars' D desperately needs playmakers (ESPN)

Game Reviews

This is actually a video but I included it just because I like hearing the name "Prim Siripipat" | Sunday Blitz: 49ers-Jaguars Recap (ESPN)

The 49ers are protected from letdowns by Jim Harbaugh's paranoia. Sounds about right. | Sharp -- some say, paranoid -- 49ers catch Jaguars napping (Barrows)

British blowout: 49ers crush hapless Jaguars 42-10 (BASG)

Jim Harbaugh's 49ers dominate in London (Williamson)

49ers-Jaguars: What we learned (Yahoo)

San Francisco 49ers ground Jaguars into dust in London (NFL)

British humour: 49ers win laugher over winless Jaguars in London (Inman)

Assorted Team Notes

Did Kyle Williams get replaced in the 2nd half because of his struggles? | 49ers notes: Williams struggles; Wembley has big-game vibe; Skuta scores (Branch)

Post-game interview with Harbaugh, mentions Aldon Smith briefly. | Harbaugh takes one-day-at-a-time approach with Smith (Maiocco)

Should Anthony Dixon or perhaps LaMichael James replace Kyle Williams as the primary return man? I vote YES | Is Kyle Williams' job in jeopardy? (Maiocco)

Patrick Willis' right hand does not know what his left hand is doing... | 49ers notes: Willis likes mid-season bye; Williams struggles; Harbaugh has Olympic moment (Barrows)


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