Breaking down the epic fails in Kaepernick's London game

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Goodness, gracious...not even 200 yards? I'm not sure how we can win long term with this collection of poor quarterbacking, selfish play by Kap's teammates, terrible coaching decisions and all around tomfoolery. There's some glaring examples of what not to do that we can hopefully correct over the bye week.

Q1 11:48 - Gore 19 yard TD

Seriously Frank. Can you not see the yellow line? Go down after you get the first down, so that Kap can punch it in through the air. Even worse, it sets a bad example for teammates later, when Hunter breaks off a big run.


Q1 6:50 - 31 yard pass interference on pass to Boldin

I know we're only up 7 Jim, but it's the Jaguars. How am I supposed to score in fantasy football if you take 31 yard penalties? Did you not know my opponent has Calvin Johnson this week? Decline the penalty, moron.


Q2 0:09 - Kneel Down

You're killing me Roman. We're up 28-3 and you don't utilize the opportunity to run up the score? Conservatism at its worst. You've absolutely got to overrule this Harbs. Audible Kap, freeking audible!


Q3 3:00 - Dixon returns kickoff

Finally, a good coaching decision to take Kyle "Fumble" Williams out, but then Boobie can't execute on the fair catch. Look Anthony, I love your energy and all the things you bring to the table. I sincerely pray we don't trade you. But if you return another ball 47 yards and cost me valuable opportunity field position, we're going to have a different conversation. What were you looking at when you decided to take this out of the end zone??


Q3 2:53 - Hunter runs for 41

I'm so disgusted that I can't bear to put a screeshot up. Not only am I losing yardage on Kaepernick, I also started Gore today in FF. As I mentioned before, Gore's selfish play has rubbed off on his teammates as Hunter refuses to go down after getting the first down. This run plus the kick return lead to a 4 play TD drive with ZERO passes. At least Gore got the six.

Q4 13:43 - Skuta with the 47 yard fumble return

Willis is such a beast, but I guess selfish is the word of the day. I know you have limited opportunities to score a TD in the National Football League, but the game is running down and Kap isn't over 200 yet. Just. Go. Down. Heck, you can run back a bit and kneel down on our 40, so that Kap can get a few more yards. Assuming that Roman wouldn't just run it again, up 35-10. /sigh


Pair all this with a few drops that were somehow Kaepernick's fault, you clearly have a case to be concerned about our QB and his passing yards.

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