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NFL trade deadline 2013: Let the 49ers trade rumors hit overdrive

The 49ers are prominently mentioned in the NFL's trade deadline rumor mill. We take a look at what it all means. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Charlie Crowhurst

The 2013 NFL trade deadline is now just a day away, with all deals required to be completed on Tuesday, I believe by 1 p.m. PT. I'm not positive on the time, but most roster moves require that deadline time, so I imagine this is the same.

The 49ers are mentioned in all sorts of trade rumors, and while it is likely mostly just talk, we'll keep an eye on things. The 49ers will be prominently mentioned for two reasons: 1) They have a need at wide receiver and 2) They have players to unload as they start getting NFI and PUP list players back.

Personally, I think the first reason is overblown in the context of the trade deadline primarily because of the latter reason. The 49ers get Mario Manningham back in time for Week 10, and Michael Crabtree will be back later in November or early December depending on how the 49ers play it.

A guy like Josh Gordon would be an upgrade over Mario Manningham, but I think the 49ers will look to hold on to their draft picks at this point. The 49ers have more picks than likely roster spots next year, but we know they can package picks to move up, or they can deal 2014 picks for future picks. There is no such thing as too many draft picks given the flexibility picks create.

The more likely scenario in my mind would be the 49ers trying to deal away players for picks. Yesterday, Ian Rapoport reported Anthony Dixon was on the trading block. Jason LaCanfora reported the 49ers are shopping Nnamdi Asomugha and Jon Baldwin.

Dixon is a significant special teams performer, while Nnamdi and Baldwin have seen limited playing time, and were both inactive on Sunday against the Jaguars. Nnamdi is likely out the door when Eric Wright returns from the NFI list. Jon Baldwin faces a tough roster battle with Marlon Moore and Kyle Williams when Mario Manningham, and later Michael Crabtree return from the PUP list.

That being said, all three have limited trade value. Dixon likely has the most value because he is a strong special teams player, he can play some running back and fullback, and he comes at a fairly cheap price. But even then, it's likely a late day three pick in return. That is nothing to laugh at given the ability to use such a pick to move up elsewhere, but let's not get ahead of ourselves in expecting a huge return.

The NFL trade deadline is fairly limited compared to other leagues given the hard salary cap and the difficulties in working players in compared to other sports. Thus, we end up with only limited chatter, and even less actual dealing.

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