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Colin Kaepernick, Joe Montana exchange greetings after 49ers-Jaguars game

@49ers on Instagram

The San Francisco 49ers trip to London featured some team legends making appearance to help promote the game. The most prominent player present was Joe Montana. The 49ers legend was on hand for numerous events, including a QB camp.

The picture above comes courtesy of the 49ers Instagram account. As I've said before, the 49ers are among the most active NFL teams on social media. Through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the team provides some great pictures, video and other content. I realize some people are not fans of social media, but there is some great content out there. And given the ability to do pretty much whatever you want with it, I think the good strongly outweighs the bad.

Here are a few pictures the 49ers posted on Instagram during after Sunday's win over the Jaguars: