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Golden Nuggets: John Skelton signed; Donte Whitner to change name; Patrick Willis practices

Thursday, October 3, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Brian Bahr

It was a fairly eventful day yesterday for the middle of the week. The 49ers made it official and added John Skelton to the roster. He will compete with Colt McCoy for backup time. Donte Whitner has taken his fining to a new level. He is going to legally change his name to Donte Hitner. It works for me. Do his kids get the name Hitner, now? And it appears like the long layoff is doing wonders for our banged up squad. Both Patrick Willis and Nnamdi Asomugha participated in practice. Both missed the last game against the Rams. I'm running behind, so here's some hot links...

49ers vs Texans

Here's a good practice recap leading into the upcoming Texans game. | 49ers practice report: Justin Smith says 49ers regained their identity, provides a Patrick Willis update (BASG)

Matt Schaub doing anything other than throwing a pick-6 right now seems like a pipe dream. | Read-option ready: Even Houston installed offensive package this offseason (Barrows)

RT Anthony Davis misses practice while all others participate; Texans miss J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing (Inman)

49ers injury report: Willis, Asomugha return to practice (Barrows)


Here is the Colin Kaepernick interview with a transcript. Thank you Mr. Maiocco. | Kaepernick: Miller is 49ers' new Swiss Army knife (Maiocco)

And the Harbaugh transcript. | Coach's Notebook: Oct. 2 (

Justin Smith says 49ers reclaimed their identity (Mercury News)

J.J. Watt Looks to Challenge 49ers Offensive Line (

Kubiak says the Texans must stay in their pass rush lanes and keep Kaepernick in the pocket (Cohn - Transcript)

Kubiak reflects on lone season with 49ers; preparing for Kaepernick, defense (Gin)

Audio - Kubiak Talks 49ers Justin Smith-led Defense (

Skelton Signing / Daniels Waiving

And it's official. The 49ers have signed John Skelton to replace B.J. Daniels. I'm still confused as heck by all of this. But Harbaugh knows more about quarterbacks than I do. I was never high on Daniels to begin with, so this isn't me being loyal to him. If the 49ers wanted Skelton, they could have had him, though. | Report: 49ers sign QB John Skelton (Gin)

As predicted, the Seahawks claimed B.J. Daniels off of waivers. Everyone knew this was coming. No other team took a gamble on him, so why a non-QB needy team like Seattle would grab him is a mystery...or is it? | Report: Seahawks claim B.J. Daniels off waivers (Gin)

The combined record and stats of our two backups is pretty scary. Don't look them up, you'll only get depressed. | The Back-Up Plan: Skelton joining McCoy behind Kaepernick (Inman)

49ers Like Skelton's Arm, Experience (

49ers Sign QB John Skelton (

Skelton fired up to play for Harbaugh (ESPN)


I like it. Basketball has World B. Free and World Metta Peace. Baseball has Rollie Fingers, Catfish Hunter and more. Football needs some badass names. | Donte Whitner will change his last name to Hitner (Gin)

BASG analyzes the name change a bit more. What does "Hitner" hope to accomplish? What can he expect as a result? | Donte "Hitner" - symbol of protest, marketing tool or both? (BASG)

Name game: 49ers' Whitner to knock "W" from last name (Barrows)

Willis Updates

These are just the words I wanted to hear. Michael Wilhoite filled in well for our captain and Bowman played incredibly, but I still love seeing Patrick Willis on the field. | Willis expected to return for Texans game (Mercury News)

Patrick Willis Limited in Return to Practice (

Jon Baldwin

Eric Branch gives a good write up on Jon Baldwin. The bar has been set pretty low for him. Any impact play out of him as the No. 2 receiver would pretty much be the first from the position all year. C'mon Jon! | Great expectations? Not any more for 49ers' Baldwin (Branch)

Bill Williamson discussed Jon Baldwin's golden opportunity. He has the physical tools to succeed, and if he's ever going to do it, right now, under Harbaugh, will be his best chance. | Will Jon Baldwin take advantage of chance?(ESPN)

Other News

A good piece on how the 49ers generated pressure against the Rams without Aldon Smith. Both Ahmad Brooks and NaVorro Bowman were beastmen. But what about Glenn Dorsey and Dan Skuta. Read to find out. And did you know that, according to PFF, Dorsey is our highest graded defender through 4 weeks? | Why the 49ers didn't miss Aldon Smith in St. Louis (BASG)

Matt Maiocco took a look at the 49ers offense through the first quarter in a post from the previous day. Now he looks at our defense. | 49ers first quarter of season defensive rundown (Maiocco)

If you're not a big fan of LaMichael James, here's an idea for you. | Idea: 49ers should trade James to Eagles (ESPN)

Branch has some notes on the team. Aside from Willis' return, Nnamdi Asomugha is practicing. | Seahawks claim ex-49ers QB Daniels; Willis, Asomugha practicing (Branch)

Anquan Boldin Battles Double Coverage (

QB Watch: 49ers' Colin Kaepernick (ESPN)

NFL Nation Buzz: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

Podcast - Houston has a Schaublem, but can the 49ers Kapitalize? (49erswebzone)