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49ers WR Mario Manningham provides rehab update

We take a look at the rehab update Mario Manningham provided as he recovers from his ACL injury. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

Stacy Revere

The 49ers locker room was open to the media on Thursday, and wide receiver Mario Manningham took a few minutes to chat and discuss his current status. Here are a few tweets from the session:

Manningham is currently on the PUP list, and is eligible to begin practicing after the 49ers Week 6 game against the Arizona Cardinals. Presently, Manningham can do rehab work. That means he can get back to 100 percent, but is probably not getting into complete game shape.

The 49ers could elect to keep him off the practice field right after Week 6, but I imagine they want to get him back on the practice field as soon as he is ready. After Week 6, the 49ers travel to Tennessee in Week 7, to London to face the Jaguars in Week 8, and then back home for a bye in Week 9.

If Manningham starts practicing after Week 6, would he really be ready in time for the Week 7 matchup with the Titans? If he's not, given that the 49ers are facing a pretty bad Jaguars team, do they roll the dice they can win without him and just get him completely ready for their first game out of the bye against the Carolina Panthers?

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