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Golden Nuggets: Niners Activate Tank Carradine; Stay Put at Deadline

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ezra Shaw

All those who thought the 49ers would make a trade at the deadline put your hands up. Now, all of you who really wished they'd make a move put your hands up. And who amongst you thought they would do absolutely nothing. Pat yourselves on the back. A flurry of trades in the early weeks of the season did not translate to a flurry of action at the deadline, and our beloved 49ers did absolutely nothing on that front.

What we did do is activate Cornelius Carradine, who you may know as Tank. He had been activated from the NFI list following Week 6 and the clock was ticking for a decision to be made on his 2013 fate. It was assumed he would join the team during the bye. And there you have it… Tank is expected to add depth all along the defensive line with his versatility. He was thought to be as high as a top-ten pick in the draft, but his recovery from an ACL injury derailed his first round aspirations. We're lucky to have nabbed him where we did and I can't wait to see him on the field.

49ers Activate Carradine

I've already said enough about my thoughts on Young Tank. I'll let Christian Gin have the floor. | Report: 49ers activate Carradine to 53-man roster, waive Cunningham (Gin)

49ers Activate Rookie DT Tank Carradine (

No Moves at the Deadline

OK, so the 49ers didn't make a move, but a former Niner, Isaac Sopoaga was moved from the Eagles to the Patriots. The Pats need the help in the middle after Vince Wilfork went out. | 49ers not involved in lone trade before NFL deadline (Inman)

On trade deadline day, Harbaugh focuses on 49ers who are still here (including LaMichael James) (BASG)

Coach Harbaugh Talks

Coach Harbaugh spoke for a bit yesterday. The most interesting of his comments involved Mr. LaMichael James. Although he didn't explain how, he stated that the team clearly wanted to involve him more in the future. He'll have to be active to be utilized….cryptic. | Harbaugh wants James back in ‘the mix' second half of season (Inman)

The other important thing from the session was a brief, even more cryptic, discussion of Michael Crabtree's return. He's definitely possible to be expected to return in some amount of weeks or so…or something along those lines. | Harbaugh is coy about Crabtree's return (PFT)

Here is the video and transcript from Coach's media session. | Coach's Notebook: Oct. 29 (

Transcript: Harbaugh still wants 49ers to 'get better' than before (Gin)

49ers vs Jags

Christian Gin asks a question I think a lot of us wanted answers to. It was a bit of a shock to see us unable to get much of a pass rush off against one of the worst offensive lines and an immobile quarterback. But you can't argue with results and a win is a win and any other cliche you can dig up. | 49ers vs. Jaguars Film Review: Where was the pass rush? (Gin)

BASG has trolled around the British Internet to find out what our brethren from across the pond really thought about the game. | What British internet commenters really thought about 49ers vs Jags (BASG)

Infographic: 49ers vs. Jaguars Recap (

Other News

Oh, how the end of that game pissed me off. You have a backup quarterback with a negative infinity passer rating and run attack that's gouged the Seahawks for nearly 200 yards on the ground…how do you choose to get the ball in from the goal line. Seattle has been lucky on the road, but if they keep winning, they won't have to be in the playoffs. | NFC West Report: Seahawks Escape Rams (

You never want to see someone end their season with an ACL injury. | Seahawks WR Sidney Rice tears ACL - out for the season (BASG)

Yes…yes we are. | Niners Eagerly Awaiting Reinforcements (NBC)

Power Rankings: No. 6 San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

Frank Gore getting better at age of 30 (ESPN)

James' sighting could be forthcoming; DL Carradine activated (Branch)

Who has the edge in the second half? Seattle or San Francisco? (SF Gate)

San Francisco Chronicle dumps "Redskins" name (PFT)