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Golden Nuggets: Marlon Moore Cut; Aldon Smith Visits Team

Thursday, October 31, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Marlon Moore squinting after looking into the sun, or a pink slip.
Marlon Moore squinting after looking into the sun, or a pink slip.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween. I hope everyone is safe out there tonight. Don't go to any wild parties and stay away from hand-wrapped candy.

Did anybody catch Chris Burke's Sour Rankings on SI for this week? There's a great picture of Pete Carroll in there if you scroll down.

I'm running late so I'll axe most of the intro.


Marlon Moore Cut

Marlon Moore was one of the darlings of training camp. The coaches couldn't say enough good things about him and every time you turned around, he seemed to be making a diving catch. Alas, the production didn't materialize in the regular season and he's been cut. The obvious implication is that this move was made to make room for Mario Manningham's impending return. After being activated from the NFI, the 49ers still have a week to either promote Mario to the 53, cut him or put him on IR for the year. I think we know the Niners' next course of action. | Report: 49ers waive Marlon Moore (Gin)

49ers waive Moore in move that foreshadows Manningham's return (Branch)

Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith was in Santa Clara. He turned himself in on gun charges to the local authorities and popped in to see his teammates and coaches. There's really no telling what this all means. Has he finished his stay at rehab? Hopefully we'll find out during this bye week. | Aldon Smith meets with team officials after posting bail (Branch)

Jim Harbaugh on Aldon Smith returning to the 49ers' facility and why he's optimistic about Michael Crabtree (BASG)

Other News

I don't know if any of you follow ESPN's QBR rankings. Colin Kaepernick posted the two highest games of the year in the last two weeks. It's the first time a QB has posted back-to-back scores over 99 since the network invented their stat (going back to '08). He's played great, but I think they must overvalue running scores. | QB Watch: 49ers' Colin Kaepernick (ESPN)

Here are the awards for the 49ers at the midway point, well, according to the official website. | Mid-Season Awards (

You have probably heard that Sydney Rice is done for the year for the Seahawks. But did you hear who his replacement is? Ricardo Lockette. Does that mean that Percy Harvin isn't coming back any time soon? I knew he'd suffered a setback, but… | Seahawks stay in house to replace Rice (PFT)

How about a round of applause for the 49ers' perfect second quarter. Clap, clap, clap. | 49ers second-quarter checkpoint (ESPN)

Niners' Gore is Running Through Age Barrier (NBC)

NFL Nation Buzz: San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

How the 49ers Are Spending the Bye Week (

49ers: No trade, no shock (ESPN)

Anthony Davis, Joe Staley 'Having Great Years' (

Niner Talk Bonus: Crabtree and Manningham (

Eric Wright close to joining the 49ers' active roster (