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Week 9 NFL picks against the spread

We break down NFL picks against the spread for Week 9 of the 2013 season, which happens to be the 49ers bye week. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

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The San Francisco 49ers might be on a bye this week, but I'm just starting to get hot with my weekly picks against the spread! In Week 8, I went a robust 9-4 thanks to a couple upsets and the Rams hanging close. I'm back this week with only three upsets, so I'm sure I'll return to my sub-.500 glory.

We don't have a 49ers game to discuss, so I thought I would take a look back at the 49ers over/under before the season, and what it's looking like now. The 49ers were installed at an 11.5 win total. Some sites were offering 12 wins, but most were at that 11.5 mark.

At the halfway point, the 49ers stand 6-2, and on their way to surpassing that 11.5 total. Their remaining schedule is as follows:

Week 10: vs. Carolina Panthers
Week 11: @ New Orleans Saints
Week 12: @ Washington
Week 13: vs. St. Louis Rams
Week 14: vs. Seattle Seahawks
Week 15: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 16: vs. Atlanta Falcons
Week 17: @ Arizona Cardinals

Six more wins strike me as perfectly reasonable, and even potentially a little low. Bad things can happen, but with the talent returning and the layout of the schedule, at least seven wins is not entirely out of the realm of the possible. The team has the extra time to prepare for the Panthers. Carolina is talented, but the 49ers have been strong when they have extra time to prepare.

The two game road trip against the Saints and Washington is the toughest stretch on the remaining schedule. As long as Seattle keeps winning, the 49ers need to win that game at New Orleans. They won at New Orleans last year, but the Sean Payton-less were a different beast. I obviously think the 49ers can win this game, but it's their toughest remaining game.

And no, I am not here to underestimate the Seattle Seahawks. 49ers vs. Seahawks is no gimme, but given how this Seattle team has looked on the road, there is no excuse for the 49ers to lose this game.

That being said, the Saints could be the difference-maker in this divisional race. If the Seahawks beat the Saints and the 49ers lose to the Saints, the 49ers-Seahawks game only matters with at least one other Seahawks loss. Seattle has back-to-back road games against the 49ers and New York Giants. That Giants game could prove to be kinda huge. Who knew we'd find ourselves rooting for the Giants?

Games Spread Fooch James
Bengals @ Dolphins Cin -3 Bengals cover Bengals cover
Chiefs @ Bills KC -3 Chiefs cover Chiefs cover
Falcons @ Panthers Car -7.5 Panthers cover Falcons cover
Vikings @ Cowboys Dal -10.5 Cowboys cover Vikings cover
Saints @ Jets NO -6 Jets cover Saints cover
Titans @ Rams Ten -3 Titans cover Rams cover
Chargers @ Washington SD -1 Washington cover Chargers cover
Eagles @ Raiders Oak -2.5 Raiders cover Raiders cover
Buccaneers @ Seahawks Sea -17 Seahawks cover Bucs cover
Ravens @ Browns Bal -3 Browns cover Ravens cover
Steelers @ Patriots NE -7 Patriots cover Patriots cover
Colts @ Texans Ind -2.5 Colts cover Colts cover
Bears @ Packers GB -11 Packers cover Bears cover
TOTAL 51-53-2 56-48-1
LAST WEEK 9-4 8-5

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