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Jim Harbaugh discusses rooting for the Rams on Monday Night Football

Jim Harbaugh told us what we probably already knew. He was pulling for the Rams on Monday Night Football.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh made an appearance on an NBC Sports Network show on Wednesday, promoting some work he's doing with VISA's "My Football Fantasy" program. He had a chance to answer several football questions and we got an interesting answer to one question.

Harbaugh was asked about Monday's Seahawks-Rams game, and how he viewed it.

"I was just really watching. I wasn't strategizing, I really wasn't paying attention to what fronts were being played or what the coverage was. Just watching the outcome of the game."

The host followed up by asking if he was rooting for a Rams touchdown at the end.

"I was. I was rooting for St. Louis to score the touchdown."

This isn't a shocking answer by any stretch, but it is interesting to see him openly acknowledge what we all probably knew. We get so used to coach-speak that a truly honest answer seems to elude us. A Seahawks loss would have dropped them into a tie for first with the 49ers, and I'm sure everybody on the 49ers was holding out hope at the end.

I do wonder what his reaction was to that play-call. I am still baffled by the decision to put that game in the hands of Kellen Clemens, and even more so by the pass play they were attempting. They had Zac Stacy lined up out wide, but my guess is his sprained ankle (suffered late in the game) meant he was merely a decoy. If his ankle was fine, you have to wonder why they didn't give him an opportunity to punch it in.

Do you think Jim Harbaugh threw down his hat or yelled at the TV during that final play?